Five Popular Engagement Ring Trends This Year

If your planning on proposing soon, you need to decide what style of engagement ring you want to get her. Here are some of this years popular engagement ring styles and trends.

Traditional Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

solitaire diamond engagement rings The classic solitaire diamond engagement ring still remains a popular choice for engagement rings, mainly in white gold and platinum. Lots of women love the timeless look of a quality single diamond on an elegant band. The most popular diamond cuts used in solitaire engagement rings are usually princess cut diamonds or round brilliant cut diamonds, as well as oval, emerald, marquise and pear shaped diamonds.

Vintage Diamond Rings

vintage diamond ring Glamorous vintage diamond rings never seem to go out of fashion and still remain a popular engagement ring style. New vintage inspired engagement rings combine a timeless diamond, usually cushion cut or Asscher cut diamonds with intricate detailed patterns engraved in the metal work like many antique rings. Vintage diamond rings are usually set with one main diamond and microset diamonds scattered around the main stone or on the shoulders of the band. Most vintage inspires diamond rings are made with white gold or platinum.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

emerald cut diamond engagement rings Emerald diamond engagement rings have dramatically increased in popularity this year, mainly due to the many celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian who have been spotted wearing them on the red carpet. Either as a single emerald cut diamond or set with diamonds on the shoulder of the band, emerald diamond engagement rings will continuously remain a classic and timless diamond choice.

Coloured Diamond & Gemstones Engagement Rings

coloured diamond engagement rings It’s not just white diamonds that are popular for engagement rings this year, coloured diamonds and gemstones like sapphires and rubies have also been a popular alternate. Since Kate Middleton received the stunning emerald and diamond engagement ring many jewellers have seen an icrease in the demand for coloured gemstones.

Micro Pavé and Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

pave set diamond engagement rings If you want to add the “wow factor” to your engagement ring choice a ring with a halo of micro pave set diamonds all around a main diamond will do it. Micro pavé set diamonds uses ultra minute diamonds that are delicately set to look like a solid diamond surface. A halo setting with small pavé set diamonds around a centre stone also give the illusion of a larger diamond.