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An Affordable Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three stone diamond engagement rings or trilogy engagement rings have always remained a popular choice for proposals. The engagement ring is set with three diamonds all beautiful as they are meaningful. A three diamond setting is meant to represent three stages of a relationship – the past, the present and the future. The diamond which is the past is the history that leads to your engagement, the present is the moment you propose and the future you will have together.

A Stunning Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

We recently made this stunning three stone diamond engagement ring for a customer, who picked the setting and the diamonds from our engagement ring collection online.

3 stone engagement ring

3 stone engagement ring

The engagement ring is beautifully set in platinum and features a striking round brilliant cut diamond held in a claw setting, weighing 0.44 carats, has a diamond colour grade D and clarity grade SI1 – fitting perfectly at an affordable price. The centre diamond is elegantly flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds both held in a platinum claw setting. The shank of the ring will also sit perfectly with most wedding rings with no gaps in-between as it splits in two to heighten the three diamonds. three stone engagement ring

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