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Is Diamond Fluorescence Good or Bad?

What is Diamond Fluorescence?

Some diamonds have a characteristic that makes them change colour when they are exposed to ultraviolet light from sunlight and fluorescent light bulbs. But is diamond fluorescence really necessary? In some cases you can only notice the fluorescence in your diamond under intense sunlight and in a night club under black UV light. It can be hard to decide if you was fluorescence in a diamond as it can be faint to very strong and most commonly turn to be a blur colour in the sun ann under UV light. However blue fluorescence can have a positive impact on lower coloured diamonds with a tint of yellow making them look whiter and colourless. A survey by GIA update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = Gemmological Institute of America) found that that fluorescence is favoured in low colour graded diamonds and surprisingly in the higher coloured diamonds graded – D, E and F. This is mainly because florescent diamonds with a high colour grade are discounted by the diamond trade. Many years ago D-F coloured diamonds with fluorescent were highly priced and known as “blue-white” diamonds, but sales people took advantage of the term and began to sell all diamonds with florescence at a high price.

Example of Diamond Fluorescence

diamond florescence

The same diamond showing its florescence under a UV light

Here is an example of a diamond with strong blue fluorescence. The first image shows how the diamond looks under normal lighting and the second image shows the diamonds fluorescence under UV lighting.

Coloured Diamond Fluorescence

If you are buying a coloured diamond like a yellow of orange diamond, make sure you only choose fluorescence in fancy coloured diamonds, as the fluorescence will make the diamonds colour more intense. The image below shows you how a fancy yellow diamond with fluorescence enhances its colour. The first image shows the yellow diamond with natural light and the other two images show the diamond when exposed in direct sunlight, showing the impact fluoresces has on fancy coloured diamonds.

diamond fluorescence in fancy coloured diamonds

a kite shaped yellow diamond with a strong yellow fluorescence

So, in essence fluorescence in diamonds is generally not an issue and won’t always have a massive impact on a diamonds sparkle and brilliance, it is more of a cool feature and an add on to the diamond.

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