New Research – UK Men Spend £1,329 on Engagement Rings

Exciting new research into the buying habits of men in the UK shows the average price they will pay on an engagement ring for their future wife is around £1,329. how much to spend on engagement ring The research carried out across the UK shows that Northern men are the big spenders for engagement rings with an average spend of £1,874 closely followed by men in Scotland who will spend an average of £1,816. Surprisingly men in London are lower and will spend £1,681.91 with Wales the lowest spenders for engagement rings with an average of £603. This new research shows that men are breaking away from the traditional two months’ salary spend on engagement rings. The average men’s salary in the UK is £30,000 indicating that with the overall average spend at £1,329, UK men are now spending under a month’s salary on their engagement rings. The research also shows that less than 38% of men will tell their fiancé how much they spent on their engagement ring and 3% will tell their partner their engagement ring is worth more. With many online jewellers selling diamonds and engagement ring settings at competitive factory prices, it is possible to get a quality certificated diamond engagement ring for the average price a man will spend on an engagement ring in the UK.