Re-modelling a Customer’s Round Brilliant cut Diamond Ring

Last month we worked with a customer who wanted to re-model a 1.5 carat round brilliant cut diamond into a new bespoke diamond ring. The customer wanted a vintage style diamond ring where the centre diamond is boarded with diamonds encircling the round shape, known as a halo diamond ring. As part of our bespoke jewellery service the customer created the initial design of the diamond ring with our jewellery designer, who was able to create realistic computer rendered images of the ring to the customer before we began making it. bespoke diamond ring To add more dazzle and sparkle to the ring we pavé set diamonds on the outside and inside of the shoulders as well as the outside edge of the halo setting and on the mount assembling the bezel setting to the band

diamond ring

The centre diamond is bezel set in 18 carat white gold to emphasise the diamonds clear white colour. In contrast to create a bespoke fine jewellery piece the band of the ring is made with 18 carat yellow gold. re-modelling a diamond ring bespoke jewellery