Royal Asscher creates Diamond Jubilee Inspired Jewels

In celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s diamond jubilee The Royal Asscher Diamond Company has designed an exclusive six piece diamond jewellery set part of the Stars of Africa collection. The diamond jubilee star collection is all made with 18 carat rose gold and each piece is designed with floating white, blue and pink diamonds to resemble the three colours of the Union Jack. The collection is only available at Royal Asscher in Harrods and each piece comes certificated. The first piece is a rose gold diamond ring containing 1.32 carats of white diamonds, 0.40 carats of blue diamonds and 0.40 carats of fancy pink floating diamonds. The diamonds float inside a glass ball containing an image of the Royal Asscher crown.

royal asscher diamond ring

The limited addition Diamond Jubilee inspired Royal Asscher diamond ring

Along with this unique diamond ring comes a matching 18ct rose gold pendant set with 3.31 carats of white diamonds, 0.80 carats of blue diamonds and 0.8 carats of fancy pink diamonds.
royal asscher diamond pendant

The spectacular Royal Asscher diamond jubilee pendant

Since 1908 the Royal Asscher Company and the British Monarchy have had a special long lasting relationship. Their relationship started when the Asscher brothers of Amsterdam cut the Cullinan – the biggest diamond in the world weighing 530crts and mounted it in the head of the Scepter, which is now part of the Tower of London display of royal jewels.