Kanye’s Using Mothers Ruby and Diamond Jewels to Design Kim’s Engagement Ring

It’s all over the celebrity gossip news that Kanye West is using diamonds and gems from his mothers ruby ring and diamond earrings to create a unique bespoke engagement ring for Kim Kardashian. kanye west and kin kardashian Now that Kim’s divorce with Kris Humphries is finalized reports are circulating that Kanye plans to ask Kim the big question. A source reviled that Kanye has found a woman he respects and loves just like his mother in Kim and wants to share his mothers jewellery collection with her. The singer has been working with a private jeweller to create the engagement ring master piece. We all know that whatever engagement ring Kanye gives to Kim it has to be huge and feature the best possible diamonds and gems, just to beat the 20.5 emerald cut diamond Kim received off Kris Humphries.

kim kardashian engagement ring

Kim Kardashian 2005 carats diamond engagement ring from Kris Humphries

But what happens if the couple break up and Kim files for her third divorce? She will have some of his mothers special jewels! Kanye’s friends seem to think it’s a terrible idea and have expressed their concerns.