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The Steven Stone blog

The latest news, expert advice and stories from our customers.

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A Rare Royal Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring

In 1999 Edward and Joop Asscher of the Asscher family developed the Royal Asscher cut diamond. The diamond is unique and perfectly symmetrical with its 74 facets individually measured for complete accuracy. A Stunning Royal Asscher Diamond Ring This Stunning ring is extremely unique ...

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North-East-South-West Engagement Ring Settings

We love the design of this North-East-South-West engagement ring setting. This simple yet elegant design involves 4-claws positioned at North, East, South, West points of a diamond like a compose. The style is mainly used to set round brilliant cut diamonds as the claws can be positioned in that ...

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A Classic Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

We love this classic designed solitaire engagement ring featuring a stunning princess cut diamond. What makes this engagement ring unique is its Wedfit mount - a new style enabling the ring to fit comfortably against standard wedding rings with no gaps in between. The Wedfit mount on this...

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Emerald Cut Shape Aquamarine & Trapezoid Ring

We have recently made this stunning emerald cut aquamarine dress ring with trapezoid side diamonds. The customer worked closely with our designer to create a contemporary dress ring keeping in line with current trends. The emerald cut in diamonds, Sapphires, topaz and other gem stones is becoming ...

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Fork out $1 M for Wedding Rings

Firstly the week started with the news that Jennifer Aniston is engaged and now her ex husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have spend $1 milli0on on two custom-made matching wedding rings. Apparently the wedding rings are matching rose gold bands – a very popular metal at the moment, ...

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Engagement Ring Styles: Knife Edged Wedfit Band

We have recently added a new engagement ring design to our online collection featuring a modern knife edged band. This style of engagement ring is different to traditional styles – great for those who want something different. The knife edge band is made with edges that that slant inwards and need...

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A Stunning Princess Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

We were recently asked by a customer to create a three stone diamond engagement ring for a customer featuring a princess cut diamond centre stone flanked with two smaller square cut blue Sapphires. The customer wanted a contemporary engagement ring that looked simple and elegant. Initial Design ...

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