All You Need to Know About Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is part of the four characteristics of a diamond – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight which is the criteria jewellers use to grade a diamonds quality and value. When talking of diamond clarity we are describing the presence or absence of flaws on the surface and inside the diamond. Basically the fewer flaws a diamond has the higher it is graded. Most flaws that do exist either internally or on the surface of a diamond are extremely minute and, usually only visible through a jewellers magnifying loupe. The most common method adopted my diamond graders classifying a diamonds clarity grade is the GIA way update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = Gemological Institute of America)

Here are GIA’s Diamond Clarity Grades

diamond clarity grade chart As you can see diamonds with a perfectly flawless clarity are graded FL-IF which is rare and very expensive. Diamonds graded VVS1-VVS2 have very few flaws and are very difficult to detect. Diamond with clarity grades SI1-SI2 are a cheaper option that have slightly more flaws, which again can only be seen through magnification.

Why Choose an SI1 Clarity Diamond

We believe that SI1 clarity diamonds are a smart choice, although they do have inclusions, the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. GIA describes SI1 clarityto only have flaws visible through a 10X magnifying loupe. If you choose a SI1 it allows you to choose a higher carat, colour and cut grade, which will have a greater impact on the quality of the diamond.