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Engagement Ring Styles: Knife Edged Wedfit Band

We have recently added a new engagement ring design to our online collection featuring a modern knife edged band. This style of engagement ring is different to traditional styles – great for those who want something different. The knife edge band is made with edges that that slant inwards and need to for a mirror point edge similar to a knife edge. Knife edged engagement rings have an angled appearance giving the ring an elegant yet fashionable look.

Is a Knife Edged Engagement Ring Comfortable?

To answer this question yourself it is worth trying this style of band on your finger. The band has been designed t be as comfortable as possible as the edged point on the band is very smooth. The inside of the engagement ring that fits around your finger is curved like every other ring so you won’t feel a difference.

What Wedding Ring Should I Wear with a Knife Edge Engagement Ring?

Don’t worry about wedding ring matches with our new knife edged engagement rings, as we has also integrated a Wed fit style shank to the rings. Our Wedfit shanks ooze a sophisticated expensive look, as standard plain and diamond wedding ring shaped are designed to perfectly fit against this style of engagement ring with no gaps in between.

Our Knife Edge Engagement Ring Collection

Here are some of the engagement rings we have with our knife edge style. Each ring is available in 18 carat white, yellow and rose gold, as well as platinum.

marquise shaped engagement ring with tapered diamond set shoulders

Marquise diamond knife edged engagement ring

heart shaped diamond engagement ring with knife edge band

emerald diamond knife edged band engagement ring

round diamond knife edge band engagement ring

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