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A Classic Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

We love this classic designed solitaire engagement ring featuring a stunning princess cut diamond. princess cut diamond engagement ring What makes this engagement ring unique is its Wedfit mount – a new style enabling the ring to fit comfortably against standard wedding rings with no gaps in between. The Wedfit mount on this engagement ring also gives it an exclusive, co-ordinated look linked to expensive, designer rings, specifically designed to fit against a wedding ring. The Wedfit mount on this engagement ring is also associated with the best of British design and craftsmanship.

princess engagement ring

From this view you can see the Wedfit mount where the bridge is arched up fo a wedding ring to fit against

The princess cut diamond on this engagement ring is beautifully held in place with a 4-claw, V-shaped prong setting to fit around the square shape of the diamond. This particular diamond weighs 0.92 carats, has a clarity grade VS2 and a colour grade H. princess diamond engagement ring princess cut engagement ring

Why Choose a Princess Cut Diamond For Your Engagement Ring?

If you want the fire and sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond but want something a little different, the princess cut diamond is perfect. The diamond is the second most popular shape for diamonds after round brilliant cuts. The diamond shape and cut was created in the 1960’s. The diamond is cut with a round cut face shape and the pavilion has a similar shape to a cone. The square princess cut diamond is often cheaper than a round brilliant cut diamond with the same carat weight as it keeps about 30% more of the rough diamond then the round brilliant.

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