The Average Age for a Woman in the UK to get Married Hits 30 for the First Time

wedding rings In the past few years the average age for a woman to get married has raised to the age of 30 from 29.9 in 2008. The average age for men to get married in 1981 was 25.5 and has recently climbed to 32.1. In recent years the average age for women to get married has been growing since 1981 when the average age was 23 and increased to 25.5 10 years later in 1991. Last year we saw Kate Middleton and Prince William both marry at 29 suggesting a new trend for women in the UK to get married. The figures also show that the number of marriages has hit an all time low since figures started being recorded in 1995. The first drop in the number of marriages started in 2009 when there was 231,490 compaired to the year before when there was more than fewer marriages then 4,000than the year before