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A Rare Royal Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring

In 1999 Edward and Joop Asscher of the Asscher family developed the Royal Asscher cut diamond. The diamond is unique and perfectly symmetrical with its 74 facets individually measured for complete accuracy.

A Stunning Royal Asscher Diamond Ring

royal asscher diamond engagement ring This Stunning ring is extremely unique and special as it is set with a 6.60 carat Royal Assher cut diamond with a nearly flawless clarity grade VVS1 which under a microscopic lens will show very, very small natural inclusions. The diamond has a colour grade G which is a clear white colour perfect for the size of this diamond. The signature cut of the Royal Asscher is considered to be one of the most beautiful diamond cuts. High carat Royal Asscher cut diamonds are rare and exhibit exceptional quality you will notice straight away. royal asscher diamond ring We created this ring a few years ago for a customer to wear as an engagement ring. To match this unique engagement ring with tapered diamond shoulders the customer wanted a Royal Asscher cut diamond wedding ring with smaller diamonds set all the way around similar to an eternity ring.

Royal Asscher Diamond Wedding Ring

royal asscher diamond wedding ring

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