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The latest news, expert advice and stories from our customers.

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The Art & History of the Mogul Emerald

This fascinating Emerald stone is more than just an Emerald it is a symbol of its era and history of the Mughal Empire. [caption id="attachment_4818" align="aligncenter" width="296" caption="This side of the Mogul Emerald is inscribed with Islamic prayers"][/caption] [caption id="...

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The Ever Increasing Popularity of Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Recently we have noticed an increase in the popularity of emerald cut diamond engagement rings. In fact according to engagement ring research, the emerald cut diamond is the third most popular diamond cut for use in engagement rings in 2012. Although the diamond cut isn’t as fiery and sparkly as a...

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The Claw Engagement Ring Setting

We are huge fans of claw set diamond engagement rings at Steven Stone. A claw setting holds a diamond elegantly and securely in place giving any engagement ring a classic, traditional look, but can still look modern. In a claw setting the diamond is simply held in place by means of small claws ...

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A Classic Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

We were recently asked to create a bespoke engagement ring set with both Sapphires and Diamonds in a simple yet classic design for a customer. In recent years update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = mainly since Kate Middleton received her Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring from Prince William) ...

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An all Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

We’ve been working hard to create this vintage inspired diamond engagement ring set with a stunning 0.92ct cushion cut diamond. After browsing in jewellers and on the internet the customer came across our bespoke jewellery designing and making service and contacted us with an engagement ring ...

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Top Six Insane Celebrity Engagement Rings

Getting a diamond engagement ring is a special time, but for celebs its all about who can get the biggest diamond. We have compiled six of the most insane celebrity engagement rings with expensive, huge diamond rocks costing millions. Beyonce's 18 carat Diamond Engagement Ring When Jay-Z ...

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Styles of Mens Wedding Rings

Here are some of the latest styles of mens wedding rings we have made for our customers. From the traditional plain platinum or gold polished bands and wedding bands set with diamonds or grooved with patterns we have a selection below that will help you pick a wedding band. Its important to pick...

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Oval Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

An oval cut diamond engagement ring is a beautiful, radiant and classic choice for an engagement ring. The diamond cut and shape was developed around fifty years ago in the mid 1960’s by jeweller Lazare Kaplan. The diamond remains increasingly popular in the commercial jewellery market as a ...

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Popular Diamond Sizes for Engagement Rings

Here are the most popular diamond carat sizes our customers purchase for engagement rings starting at 0.30 carats to 1 carat. The most popular diamond size that is affordable and still a decent size is 0.50ct to 0.60ct. Popular Diamond Sizes Measurements So you can get an idea of the size...

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The Elegance and Beauty of a Marquise diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise engagement rings don’t usually spring to mind on when picturing a diamond engagement ring. Most will think of a round diamond or princess cut diamond in a solitaire setting. The marquise diamond utilises the same brilliant cut as a round diamond and has an elongated shape – ideal for ...

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