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The Elegance and Beauty of a Marquise diamond Engagement Ring

marquise engagement ring Marquise engagement rings don’t usually spring to mind on when picturing a diamond engagement ring. Most will think of a round diamond or princess cut diamond in a solitaire setting. The marquise diamond utilises the same brilliant cut as a round diamond and has an elongated shape – ideal for elongating short fingers. In a more detailed definition the shape and cut of a marquise diamond is like a long thin boat with tapered pointed ends and a brilliant cut.

Marquise Engagement Ring Buying Tips

Marquise diamonds are usually secure with 6-prongs – V-shaped prongs on the points and two prongs set on each side. The shape of the diamond is most complemented for engagement rings when set in a classic solitaire setting or enhanced by smaller diamonds set on the shoulders of the ring. The shape of the diamond has the largest surfaces, which also creates the illusion it is larger than it really is, so you can buy a slightly smaller stone that will appear bigger in hindsight. Inclusions in marquise diamonds can sometimes be more evident than princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds. We would recommend a clarity grade of SI1 or above so inclusions in the stone are less evident. In terms of colour we recommend a colour grade between D to H as a grade below H will reflect shades of yellow. A marquise diamond will pose some degree of a diamond Bow-tie effect which affects elongated diamond shapes where a poorly cut diamond will display a dark area running across the centre of the diamond shaped like a bow tie. This is caused by light leakage, so we suggest you opt for a excellent cut diamond to avoid the effect.

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