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Popular Diamond Sizes for Engagement Rings

Here are the most popular diamond carat sizes our customers purchase for engagement rings starting at 0.30 carats to 1 carat. The most popular diamond size that is affordable and still a decent size is 0.50ct to 0.60ct. popular diamond sizes

Popular Diamond Sizes Measurements

So you can get an idea of the size of each diamond here are their measurements – 0.30ct = 4.50mm 0.40ct = 4.75mm 0.50ct = 5.00mm 0.60ct = 5.50mm 0.70ct = 5.80mm 1.00ct = 6.50mm

Engagement Rings With Diamonds Between 0.50ct to 0.60ct

Out of the diamond sizes above the most popular carat size is between 0.50ct to 0.60ct update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = half a carat) mainly because this size of diamond together with its cut, colour and clarity grade hits a budget most can afford. This size of diamond is also perfect to wear everyday and still looks great. You can usually buy a GIA certified half carat diamond engagement ring from around £1400 – £1500, which has a good purity, good cut and a good colour lacking any tints of yellow. Here are some examples of engagement rings with a 0.50 to 0.60 carat size we have made in the past for customers This engagement ring is set with a 0.50 carat diamond on a 18 carat yellow gold mount with smaller round diamonds set on the shoulders. diamond engagement ring This cross over style engagement ring is set with a 0.58 carat princess cut diamond with a colour grade F and a VVS2 clarity grade set in 18 carat white gold. engagement ring This cross over engagement ring is set with a 0.59 carat princess cut diamond with pavé set diamond shoulders.

engagement rings

This platinum twist setting engagement ring features a 0.60 carat diamond with a colour grade G and a clarity grade VVS2.

diamond engagement ring

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