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Styles of Mens Wedding Rings

Here are some of the latest styles of mens wedding rings we have made for our customers. From the traditional plain platinum or gold polished bands and wedding bands set with diamonds or grooved with patterns we have a selection below that will help you pick a wedding band. Its important to pick a wedding band that suits you as they are worn every day for a very long time. So if the plain band isn’t to your tastes you may opt for diamonds, a matt finish on your wedding ring or even mixed metals to create a unique look. Check out this metal comparison guide to help you choose a precious metal.

Traditional Mens Wedding Ring

If you want a classic, simple wedding ring a traditional plain wedding ring is perfect in either gold, platinum or pladium.

Patterened Mens Wedding Ring

For something a little different you could add a patteren to your wedding ring.

Two Toned Mens Wedding Ring

Here the wedding ring is made with both white and yellow gold for a two toned metal effect, a very popular choice for mens wedding rings.

Mens Diamond Wedding Ring

If you want a blingy wedding ring add diamonds to it like the one below. mens diamond wedding ring

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