We Love Kate Bosworth’s Engagement Ring

Last week Kate Bosworth confirmed she was engaged to film director Michael Polish by showing off a picture of her wearing her new engagement ring to all her fans on twitter. Here’s the stunning picture of Kate wearing her engagement ring she posted to her fans on Twitter. kate bosworths engagement ring She tweeted the picture along with the words “This photo was taken by my husband-to-be!” “Thank you all for the wonderful engagement wishes… We feel truly blessed.” By the looks of it Kate’s engagement ring is set with a large princess cut diamond which is mounted on either a white gold or platinum band. Kate has been dating film director Michael 41 since July 2011 when they met on the set of her new film Big Sur due to be released this year. The 29-year-olds engagement ring also looks to be a vintage inspired ring update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = extremely popular for bespoke engagement rings at the moment).

kate bosworths engagement ring

Kate Bosworth Showing her engagement ring off in Soho in New York

Kate was also pictured at the weekend in Soho – New York with her new fiancé showing off her new engagement ring to all the cameras as she held her left hand up.