Hong Kong to Show Case Rare Coloured Diamonds

Hong Kong are set to showcase some of the world’s rarest fancy coloured diamonds today during a 2-week exhibition by Rio Tinto – the British-Australian mining corporation, who earlier this year unearthed the Argyle Pink Jubilee Diamond in a remote mine in western Australia. The show is in place to put China on the map for diamonds, as Rio Tinto have seen a recent interest from Chinese diamond buyers for rare coloured stones. Rio’s Argyle Pink Diamonds division manager Josephine Johnson said; “We know that China is becoming more of an important market for us. In fact China is set to overtake the United States market by the year 2025 in terms of diamond consumption,” Argyle Siren pink diamond In total there will be 75 rare coloured diamonds at the exhibition in Hong Kong including rare fancy coloured pink, red and blue diamonds. The star of the show is a 1.32-carat square purplish-pink coloured diamond called the “Argyle Siren”.