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The Ever Increasing Popularity of Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Recently we have noticed an increase in the popularity of emerald cut diamond engagement rings. In fact according to engagement ring research, the emerald cut diamond is the third most popular diamond cut for use in engagement rings in 2012. Although the diamond cut isn’t as fiery and sparkly as a round or princess cut diamond due to its step cut design, instead its long flat table creates more dramatic flashes of light that pass through the diamond. The shape and cut of the emerald diamond is very sophisticated and perfect to wear as an engagement ring. Here are some designs of emerald diamond engagement rings we love

White Gold Emerald cut diamond engagement ring

white gold emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Yellow Gold Emerald Engagement Rings

yellow gold emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Rose Gold Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

rose gold emerald diamond engagement ring

Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Shoulders

platinum emerald diamond engagement ring We’ve also noticed in the past few years celebs have been upping the trend for emerald diamond engagement rings. Here’s are favourites of 2012

Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

Angelina Jolie engagement ring We loved the emerald cut diamond engagement ring Angelina Jolie received off Brad Pitt. Her engagement ring features a 6 carat emerald cut diamond and is set with beautiful baguette diamonds on the side.

Anne Hathaway’s Engagement Ring

Anne Hathaway’s engagement ring Anne Hathaway also received an emerald cut diamond engagement ring this year. The emerald diamond also weighs 6 carats and is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and mounted on a thin diamond-studded band.

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