Why Diamonds Should Always Come With a GIA Diamond Grading Report

gia diamonds Whenever you buy an item with an expensive value like a house or a car you always guarantee you have the important paper work to go with them. For instant a house comes with deeds, a car comes with an owner’s registration and a diamond should always come with a certificate. A diamond certificate presents the proof of a diamonds quality, i.e. – its carats weight, cut, clarity a colour grade. Diamond certificates should always come from a diamond grading company and not the jewellers you purchased it from. The most widely used diamond graders across the world is GIA, and to be truthful is the only certification a diamond should have. A GIA Diamond Grading Report presents an internationally recognised breakdown of a diamonds quality in terms of the 4Cs of a diamond. The report also shows a detailed diagram of the diamond showing all its clarity characteristics.

Reasons Why GIA Diamond Certificates are the Best

  • Most recognised and trusted diamond graders across the world
  • The largest independent gem and jewellery certification and appraisal institute with operations worldwide
  • Established diamond graders since 1931 and known for their quality
  • All diamonds are graded through their in-depth diamond examination process