The Archduke Joseph Diamond To Fetch More Than $15 Million At Auction

The Archduke Joseph Diamond – a Legendary, flawless diamond weighing 76.02 –carats discovered in the world’s famous and oldest mine is expected to fetch more than $15 Million at Christies Geneva Auction House next month. The stone is more then 400-years-old and is nick-named “The Big Joe”.

The Archduke Joseph Diamond

The Archduke Joseph Diamond is set to fetch more than $15 million at auction

The diamond has been compared in size to a quail’s egg. The diamonds clarity is completely flawless and a beautiful clear white colour. Christie’s Head of Jewelry Rahul Kadakia is hoping that the diamond reaches $20 million at the auction in November – stating “Prices for rare and exquisite diamonds have soared in recent years as increasing numbers of investors buy them as collectibles.” This stunning diamond will also appear at the auction alongside 350 precious jewels, including a stunning pair of fancy yellow and white diamond earrings totalling over 100-carats. yellow and white pear shaped diamond earrings The stone originates from the Golconda mine in India, where some of the world’s most famous and rare diamonds come from. Gems from this mine include The Regent – the finest diamond in the French Crown Jewels and the Koh-i-noor Diamond currently on display at the Tower of London. All diamonds from the Golconda mine are typically known to be the world’s best and rarest. The diamond was last sold at Christies Geneva Auction House in 1993 for $6.5 million to an anonymous buyer.