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The Beauty of a Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A Radiant cut diamond resembles the elegance of a emerald cut diamond and sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond. radiant cut diamond engagement rings It’s recently come to our attention that radiant cut diamond engagement rings have become a popular choice. The shape of a radiant cut diamond is square/rectangular with cropped corners. The diamond has a sparkling brilliant cut like a traditional round brilliant cut diamond. The shape of the diamond is crossed between a princess cut and cushion cut diamond. As well as being set on its own, we think a radiant cut diamond looks beautiful set with either rounded or square shaped diamonds. One thing you should watch out for on a radiant cut diamond is the ‘bow-tie’ effect. The ‘bow-tie’ effect refers to a shadow that can be seen is some diamonds. The effect is generally caused by a leakage of light in part of the diamond. The leakage is caused by tiny facets cut into the pavilion, if they are cut inaccurately, the diamonds light reflection in the upper crown proportions is strongly affected. With its dazzle and beauty, we think celebrities play a big part in the popularity of radiant cut diamond set in engagement rings. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff and Khloe Kardashian have all recently rocked the radiant cut diamonds . In particular, we love Jennifer Aniston’s 9-carat radiant cut diamond mounted on a pavé setting.

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