Keira Knightley Dazzles in £1.25 million Worth of Chanel Jewels & Diamonds

We have just read, that Keira Knightly wore £1.25 million worth of diamonds and Chanel jewels on set in her recent role as Anna Karenina. Anna Karenina is based on a classic novel by Leo Tolstyo, about the life of a Russian aristocrat, and to play such a role needs jewels to impress. We love vintage costume jewellery set with beautiful pearls and stunning diamonds set in unique, intricate design, the reason we instantly fell in love with the stunning jewels Keira wore.

keira knightly diamond necklace

Stunning diamond necklace

We especially love the stunning 18th century diamond necklace Keira wore. This exceptional necklace is truly a stand out piece with is three loops of diamonds and flower design. We also adored the stunning diamond and pearl dangle earrings Keira wore, featuring three beautiful diamonds and detailed design and large pearls the earrings make the perfect piece.
keira kniightly diamond and pearl earrings

Dangling diamond and pear earrings

In the eighteenth century jewellery adornment on women was essential. Striking diamond and gem set jewels became a social status. If you were of high aristocracy it was important you wore expensive diamonds and gems to show your wealth. Daytime jewels were mainly set with coloured stones and in evening jewels were set with diamonds and pearls.