A Beautiful Custom Made Diamond Ring

This stunning bespoke ring was made for a customer who wanted a simple, elegant dressy diamond ring. The ring incorporates both a modern and classic look and is a perfect jewellery piece to wear day-to-day.

A beautiful bespoke two row diamond ring made in 18ct white gold

The customer worked with our jewellery designer to create this master piece. The first stage was to build the ring on the computer using CAD. We then printed the ring from the computer into a 3D wax model, which you can see in the image below. The wax model was then added to a tree with other jewellery pieces and cast into 18ct white gold. Once the ring was cut away from the tree are goldsmith assembled and polished the ring.
diamond ring wax model

Wax model of the ring we used to cast into 18ct white gold

Very reminiscent of classic Art Deco design, this beautiful emerald and diamond ring will definitely stand apart from the crowd and get you attention for all the right reasons. The gemstone and diamond ring features a beautiful round cut emerald at its centre which is held in place with a beautiful rub over setting. This setting style allows a secure hold while also providing a practical flush setting which is resistant to snagging, ideal for those of you with more active or on the go lifestyles.