Steven Stones Top Engagement Ring Sellers

As we all know Festive season is also proposal season, so if you’re planning on proposing this Christmas we have put together our top selling diamond engagement rings. The following rings are uniquely designed, with our “Wedfit mount”. This is where the head that holds the diamond is slightly raised from the band, so that standard wedding ring shapes will perfectly fit against the ring with no gaps in between. This wedding and engagement ring look is associated with designer brands as it comprises an exclusive co-ordinated look. All of the styles are available in 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold, platinum and rose gold.

Classic Solitaire Diamond

solitaire engagement ring

6-claw set solitaire diamond engagement ring

A classic solitaire ring set with a quality diamond is always a perfect choice. The two most popular diamonds for this style are round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds. Other diamond shaped like Emerald, Cushion cut, oval, marquise and Asscher are also perfect choices for solitaire rings. The two popular ways to set a diamond on a ring is with claws or in a bezel setting where the metal is pushed around the stone to secure it in place.

Traditional Three Stone

three stone engagement ring

Three stone princess cut diamond engagement ring

Three stone engagement rings, probably have the most romantic meaning. The three diamonds represent the past, present and future of a relationship.

Vintage inspired Halo Engagement Ring

halo diamond engagement ring

Vintage inspired halo diamond engagement ring

If you know your girlfriend loves vintage, antique style jewellery, a halo diamond engagement ring is perfect. As you can see this style of ring features a boarder of diamond set around the shape of the centre stone.

Dazzling Shoulder Set Diamond Ring

shoulder set diamond engagement ring

Shoulder set diamond engagement ring

If you want something more than just a single stone diamond engagement ring, add diamonds to the shoulders of the ring for more sparkle. The three most common ways to set smaller diamonds on the shoulders of the ring is; Cut Down Set – Where the diamond is set id grooves and has no visible strip of metal either side. Pavé Set – Diamonds are set close together and secured with little beads, which looks like a continuous surface of diamonds. Channel Set – The diamonds flow in a continuous row with no gaps of metal in between.