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Why Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are Perfect for Engagement Rings

The round shape is a sign of endless love and the brilliant cut will sparkle forever – making round diamonds the perfect engagement ring choice. Round diamond engagement rings, are by far the most popular diamond choice for marriage proposals. The round shape and the brilliant cut of the diamond present a timeless classic look that sparkles more than any other diamond shape. To maximise its light return the top of the diamond is cut into a round shape, and the bottom is cut into a cone shape. This makes the diamond symmetrical and capable of returning all the light entering through, making it the most brilliant of the diamond cuts. The diamond was originally produced in the 1700th century with just 17 facets, but has since been researched and developed, and is now cut with 58 facets. The cut of a round brilliant diamond is considered by gemmologist to be the most important aspect, as it determines how much ther diamond will sparkle. There are lots of reasons, why round cut diamonds have become a popular choice, but the main reasons are for their brilliance, sparkle, romance and tradition. When it comes to setting a round shaped diamond on an engagement ring, the main two that compliment the diamond are claw set – with either 4 or 6 prongs or bezel set where the metal is stretched around the round shape of the stone. The four main ring settings used for round diamonds are; Solitaire – where the diamond is set on its own

round brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire Setting

Three Stone – where the centre diamond is with a diamond either side.

round diamond three stone engagement ri

Three Stone Setting

Diamond Shoulders – where the shoulders of the diamond ring band are set with smaller diamonds.

diamond shoulder set engagement ring

Diamond Set Shoulders

Halo – where smaller diamond border the circular shape of the round diamond.

halo diamond engagement ring

Halo Setting

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