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Simple Claw Settings for Engagement Rings

When it comes to setting an engagement ring, a claw setting is a classic way of securing a diamond, where a number of claws will literally hold the diamond in place. Claw Settings for engagement rings are also known as ‘Prong Settings’. Gemstones are either set with three, four, six and sometimes eight claws of metal, which are raised above the base of the setting. When a diamond is set, the claws are slightly bent over the stone to secure it in place. Claws come is different shapes depending on the gemstone. For instance claws holing a square shaped diamond are usually V-shaped that secure the edges.

claw setting an engagement ring

Setting a diamond is claws

Benefits of Claws

  • Claws allow maximum exposure of the diamond, so more light will reach the stone resulting in greater fire and sparkle.
  • As the claws are raised from the band, they can often make the gem stone look slightly larger than it is.
  • Prongs present an elegant, timeless traditional look.
  • The setting style can often be less expensive than other setting types
  • Gemstones and diamonds set in prongs are usually easier to clean

As you can see in the image below, a claw setting makes a diamond more visible seen from the sides, bottom and top.

claw setting diamond engagement ring

Side view of a claw set diamond engagement ring

Prong Setting types for Engagement Rings

6-claw setting engagement ring

Classic 6-claw setting engagement ring

4-claw v-shaped diamond engagement ring

4-claw, V-shaped prongs holding a square shaped diamond

marquise diamond 6-claw setting engagement ring

Mixing V-shaped and thin claws to hold the shape of a marquise cut diamond

3-claw setting engagement ring

An elegant 3-claw setting

If you do opt for a traditional prong setting to beautifully hold the diamond on your engagement ring, we recommend getting them frequently checked to ensure the diamond has not come loose. However if you select a quality prong setting from a well known, skilled jeweller, it will last for many years without going loose.

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