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Striking Three Stone Engagement Ring with Twist Setting

Three stone diamond engagement rings have always been a popular, desirable choice. When the idea of a three diamond ring was designed it became an instant hit and has always remained a timeless classic. Not only do the three stones resemble beauty, they also signify a romantic message. The first diamond represents the past of a relationship that lead up to the engagement, the second diamond, set at the centre is the present and the third diamond represents the future.

Three Stone Twist Setting Diamond Ring

We have recently created this three stone diamond engagement ring for a customer. The three diamonds are set in elegant 18ct white gold twist style claw setting. We set the diamonds in white gold to bring out their clear, white colour for more sparkle and dazzle. In contrast the flat-shaped band was crafted in 18ct yellow gold, giving the ring a traditional look. diamond engagement ring three stone diamond engagement ring three round diamond engagement ring This style of ring doesn’t necessarily just have to be used as an engagement ring; it can be changed to fit any occasion, like a birthday, Christmas or anniversary present. A three stone ring doesn’t even have to be set with diamonds; you could use a mixture of gemstones like Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies.

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