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The Steven Stone blog

The latest news, expert advice and stories from our customers.

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A 2013 Sapphire Engagement Ring Set with Pear & Round Shaped Diamonds

Happy New Year Eve from Steven Stone. To Celebrate we want to share a new commissioned Sapphire and Diamond Engagement ring we have recently created. For the past couple of years Sapphires have been a popular choice for engagement rings, and we predict they will continue in this New Year to be ...

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Seven Diamonds we Have Re-modelled into a Unique Diamond Pendant

We were recently asked to re-model these seven round brillaint cut diamonds into a stunning, unique diamond pendant, which was inspired by our single stone halo pendant design from our colletion. The pendant is set with seven round brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 3.76cts. The ...

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Two Dazzling Pavé Set Diamond Dress Rings

These dazzling diamond dress rings are beautifully set with tiny round brilliant cut diamond, that have been pavé set to appear like one huge dazzling diamond ring. When you think of diamond frosting, you think of this classic style of setting. The diamonds appear like one continuous surface of ...

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Matte Finished Engagement Ring Set With A Princess Cut Diamond

This stunning diamond ring is beautifully crafted with a modern matte finish and features a princess cut diamond set in a popular rub over setting. If you want a non-traditional contemporary look for your engagement ring, selecting a matte finish is a great option. The finish resembles a curshed...

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Coloured Gems Will Be a Popular Trend For 2013

Happy Christmas from Steven Stone! To celebrate Christmas Day, we're sharing with you new diamond and coloured gem rings and engagement rings available to buy from us online. Sales for coloured diamonds and gem stones like Sapphires, yellow diamonds and Rubies set in engagement rings or other ...

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Personalise Your Diamond Wedding Ring with a Coloured Gem Stone

Adding diamonds to a plain wedding ring is a greate way to jazz it up, but perspnalising them with a coloured gem stone adds a personal touch. Personalising jewellery pieces like wedding rngs and engagement rigs has become a popular trend in recent years and that many couples like to take. We ...

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Why choose a Princess Cut Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Princess cut diamonds are a relatively new cut and shape diamond, roughly developed in the 1960s. Since their development the stunning square shape has become a popular jewel to be set in an engagement ring – and here’s why; The diamond was designed to combine the brilliance of a ...

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Unique Modern Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a new customer to create a unique engagement ring, made with both 18ct yellow gold and 18ct white gold, to be set with a princess cut diamond. The customer worked with our in-house jewellery designer to create this stunning ring. The first step was to source ...

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A Stunning Three Row Diamond Set Pendant

We were recently approched by a customer to create a pendant set with three round brilliant cut diamonds. The three beautiful diamonds are different sizes, creating a unique design with a graduating pattern. When it came to diamond selection, the customer opted for well cut, quality diamonds all...

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