Our Top Four Favourite Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

An emerald cut diamond is the perfect choice if you want a vintage and classic looking engagement ring. This year we have seen the emerald cut diamond engagement ring grow in popularity. Like the name suggests, an emerald cut diamond was developed from an emerald stone. The shape of the stone can either be square or rectangular and has cropped corners. The cut of the diamond is known as a ‘step cut’ which resembles steps on a staircase and has 58 facets. Although the diamond is not as bright and sparkly as a brilliant cut diamond, the diamond denotes an air of sophistication. This is mainly due to its elegant trim lines, making the diamond cut perfect for a simple engagement ring setting or even a more elaborate setting.

Our Top Four Styles Of Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

A simple solitaire setting with the diamond claw set.

single stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring

A meaningful three stone setting engagement ring.

three stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring

A vintage inspires halo setting.

halo emearld cut diamond engagement ring

Diamond set shoulders.

emerald diamond engagement ring with shoulder set diamonds

If you do want an emerald diamond set in an engagement ring, we recommend the following; Always choose a cut rated Very Good or Excellent Choose a colour grade between D to G Select a high clarity grade as marks and blemishes are easy to see Pick a depth percentage of: 58-69%, and a table percentage: 58-69% As quality is extremely important, we recommend you buy the highest carat weight grade you can afford.