12-12-12 – A Mass Wedding in Las Vegas

We love hearing about crazy wedding stories, and especially love this latest one. On the 12-12-12 update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = last Wednesday) twelve couples in Las Vegas took part in a mass wedding ceremony. All the couples gathered together along with family and friends the Chapel of Flowers to say their vows and make their commitment to marriage. After the huge ceremony the couples all celebrated their wedding reception together Detroit Ballroom in Las Vegas. las vegas wedding The wedding was a massive event with the 12 brides arriving in stretched limos and wedding photographs under the neon lights of the Fremont Street Experience, where the all cut two huge white wedding cakes. This unique wedding day was organised ne an American radio station, who ran a competition for couples planning to tie the know, asking them their reasons for marriage, The 12 couples with the best answers were then selected to take part in this mass wedding ceremony, Vegas style.