Black Diamonds and Rubies – Kristen Stewarts Bespoke Engagement Ring Design

According to recent gossip news Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson are allegedly planning on getting engaged. kristen stewart and robert patterson engaged Patterson is also designing a unique engagement ring for Kristen to pop the special question with. Patterson is apparently combining black diamonds and rubies into the design of the ring. He was inspired to set the ring with black diamonds and not the traditional white diamonds after he wrote a song for Kristen. As black diamonds are unusual and rare to use in engagement rings, it’s suppose to represent the rarity of their love, and they both feel that they have an extremely unique relationship. We also think the ideas for using unique stones in Kristen engagement ring, suits her fashion sense and grungy look. Kristen is also not the type to wear anything too fancy, so we think the ring will be a simple design, with the black diamond and rubies not too large. We defiantly thing Rob has his work cut out, making an original, unique, perfect ring for Kristen.

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