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Why choose a Princess Cut Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

princess cut diamond engagement ring Princess cut diamonds are a relatively new cut and shape diamond, roughly developed in the 1960s. Since their development the stunning square shape has become a popular jewel to be set in an engagement ring – and here’s why;

  • The diamond was designed to combine the brilliance of a round diamond and the contemporary shape of a square cut diamond.
  • The fact that the diamond is named princess cut gives it a romantic appeal.
  • The diamond is square shaped with soft corners, making it look extra elegant.
  • The diamond looks beautiful set singulary, with two sifde stones or with smaller diamonds set on the shoulders.
  • The diamond is often referred to as the ‘Love Squared Diamond’.
  • The brilliant cut of the diamond makes it a fancy shaped diamond, along with round brilliant cut diamonds.

What We Recommended..

The cut of the diamond will always determine its brilliance and how much it will sparkle. We always suggest to customers to opt for an excellent or very good cut diamond for a brighter appearance. Even if you have a high colour grade, with a poorly cut diamond it will still appear dull to the naked eye. For the best possible diamond we recommend an Excellent cut grade, a colour grade of either D, E, or F and a clarity grade of IF, F, VVS1 and VVS2. For more detail we also recommend a depth percentage 60.0%-75.0% and a table percentage between 53.0% to 57.9% It’s important to select the right length to width ratio, any length to width ratio of 1.05 or less will have a perfect square shape. However if you opt for side diamonds on a princess cut diamond engagement ring, the diamond will still look square with a length to width ratio between 1.05 – 1.08 will still appear square, as the side diamonds create the illusions of a greater width.

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