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Personalise Your Diamond Wedding Ring with a Coloured Gem Stone

Adding diamonds to a plain wedding ring is a greate way to jazz it up, but perspnalising them with a coloured gem stone adds a personal touch. Personalising jewellery pieces like wedding rngs and engagement rigs has become a popular trend in recent years and that many couples like to take. We are often requested to set different coloured semi-precious gem stones like Sapphires and Rubies onto the designed of wedding rings, to be either set on the inside or the outside of the ring. This wedding ring was pavé with round brilliant cut diamonds all the way around the 18ct white gold band, with four round-shaped Sapphires set inbetween the diamond othe four different sides. diamond and sapphire wedding ring With this diamond set wedding ring the customer wanted to personilise the ring by adding a ruby set on the inside of the ring – making the ring extremely personilised with a hidden gem. diamond and ruby wedding ring

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