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Matte Finished Engagement Ring Set With A Princess Cut Diamond

This stunning diamond ring is beautifully crafted with a modern matte finish and features a princess cut diamond set in a popular rub over setting. If you want a non-traditional contemporary look for your engagement ring, selecting a matte finish is a great option. The finish resembles a curshed diamond or moon dust effect with its sanded finish and no sheen like traditional polished rings. To acheve the matte finish on this ring our gold smith used a matting brush on the polishing machine, instead of the brush used to create a shinny finish. With its flat shaped band, matte finish and rub over setting this style makes the perfect modern engagement ring. princess cut diamond engagagement ring with matt finish princess cut diamond engagement ring The princess cut diamond is set in a flush, rub over setting update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = also known as a bezel setting) where the platinum metal is arched around the shape of the square diamond and pushed over the edge of the stone. The setting is also matte finished to match the style of the band. A rub over setting is a popular engagement ring setting and is a more practical setting to safely secure a diamond. A bezel setting is unique as it has to be hand crafted for the stone it’s going to hold, as it requires fine skills to craft the bezel to fit the diamonds exact proportions. bespoke princess cut engagement ring princess cut diamond engagement ring settings

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