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Its all About Cushion Cut Diamonds

Today we’re going to take a look at Cushion cut Diamonds and why they are a perfect choice for engagement rings. In the past year we have seen a demand for this traditional shaped diamond. The shape and cut of the diamond is a classic, similar to the shape of a pillow, hence the name ‘cushion’. The stone has the fire and sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond and is cut with 58 facets. When the diamond is set into an engagement ring it instantly has a vintage look, even when the stone is held in a modern setting.

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Examples

For this particular shape we advise that the diamond should be set into classic fine, curved claws that perfectly fit the rounded corners. If you opt for a contemporary setting, we recommend a fill bezel, where the metal is arched around the diamond, showing its beautiful shape. Diamond Halo Style halo cushion cut diamond engagement ring Diamond Shoulders diamond set shoulder cushion shaped diamond engagement ring Single Stone solitaire cushion cut engagement ring

Advice on Buying the Diamond

We usually find that diamonds between 0.50ct to 1.00ct are popular sizes for engagement rings. Because of the larger facets in the cut, we recommend a higher clarity grade, like a VVS1 or a VVS2 and colour grade, in between D to G. If you want a classic looking stone that matches the original, slightly rectangular shape of the diamond, we recommend a length/width ratio of 1.25mm – 1.30mm. Minimum Recommendation fot the stone

  • Cut grade: Good
  • Clarity Grade VS2
  • Carat Weight minimum: 0.50ct
  • Colour grade: G
  • Single Set

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