The Elegance of Rose Gold..

In recent years, we’ve noticed more people like to create bespoke engagement rings, and love to incorporate rose gold into the design. Not only does rose gold create an elegant look, it pairs well with diamonds and also looks good on many different skin tones.

Custom Made Rose Gold Engagement Rings We have Created

For this blog, we have put together a selection of custom made rose gold engagement rings and diamond rings we have created for customers in the past few years. Each ring is unique and set with dazzling diamonds. With our bespoke jewellery service, we have the ability to create any style of ring made with different precious metals. rose gold diamond rings rose gold engagement rings

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is made up of a mixture of gold and copper – which gives it a pink look. The amount of pink colour in the gold depends on the amount of copper used. There is typically 75% gold and 25% copper in the metal, which is known as 18ct rose gold.