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An Oval Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring We Have Created

Today we want to share with you this classic oval-shaped diamond engagement ringwe made for a customer. The ring is from our solitaire collection where the diamond is sigulary set in a beautiful 4-claw setting. The mount of the ring is ‘Wedfit’ which is designed to fit flush against a standard wedding ring. This is achieved by raising the head of the ring where the diamond sits creating enough room for a wedding ring to perfectly fit underneath and right up against the ring. Before ‘Wedfit’, engagement rings very rarely fitted flush against a standard wedding ring so many people had the chore of having their wedding rings cut to the same shape as their engagement ring. The oval diamond is GIA certificated and weighs 0.70ct. The diamond has a good clarity grade of VS2 – which stands for very slightly included meaning that any internal flaws in the cut of the diamond will only be clear through magnification. Its colour grade is E giving it a nice clear white colour. oval diamond engagement ring oval cut diamond engagement ring oval shaped diamond engagement ring oval diamond engagement ring

Why Choose an Oval Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval diamonds are the perfect choice if you want the brilliance of a round cut diamond and the length of diamond shapes like marquise, pear and emerald cut. This diamond shape was created by Lazare Kaplan in the late 1950s. The cut of the diamond is extremely fiery and reflects light brilliantly for ultimate sparkle. If you have slender, short fingers, the long oval shape can accentuate the length of your wedding ring finger. We recommend the following minimum diamond 4Cs grades for oval shaped diamonds Cut Grade – Good Clarity Grade – SI2 Carat Weight 0.50 Colour Grade G Learn more about the diamonds 4Cs grades here

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