How Do I Care for My Diamond?

Overtime diamonds may appear to loose their beauty due to daily wear and dust or may even come loose from their setting, so its important to care for your diamond properly. diamonds To care for a diamond set in a jewellery piece it’s always best to take it back to the jeweller you purchased it from or one you trust, where a trained expert will clean the stone and check the setting is securely holding the diamond in place. To clean a diamond the jeweller will use a mild solution of six parts water and one part ammonia, which is applied to the surface of the diamond with a soft bristle brush. If you want to clean the diamond yourself, here’s what we recommend; 1. Soak the diamond jewellery piece or ring in a warm mixture of mild liquid detergent and water 2 . If you need to remove any dirt, use a very soft brush that wont scratch the metal holding the diamond. 3. Rinse the ring in warm water to remove any of the mild detergent. 4. Then simply blot the metal and diamond dry with a lint-free cloth.