Styles of Gem Stone & Diamond Cluster Rings

In this post we will look at different styles of diamond cluster rings and cluster engagement rings. Cluster rings are not only a popular engagement ring choice they are also worn as cocktail and dress rings. They are usually set with multiple stones in the centre or with a large stone in the middle surrounded by smaller stones, like the halo effect. Some styles even have more diamonds set on the shoulders for those who want more dazzle. One of the benefits of choosing a cluster style diamond or gem set ring is you can get more for your money as you don’t need big stones to make the ring look big. Depending on your own personal tastes, a cluster ring can be anything you want it to be, made in any precious metal types and set with diamonds or different gem stones.


Some styles of clusters are more contemporary like this one, where the smallish round brilliant cut diamonds are held in modern rub-over settings.

contemporary diamond cluster ring

Contemporary style cluster ring


Some styles are vintage inspired like the two below where the centre diamonds are boarded with smaller classic pavé.

halo cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring

diamond cluster ring

Pear-shaped diamond engagement ring

Mixing Gem Stones

sapphire and diamond cluster ring One of our favourite styles is this Sapphire and Diamond cluster ring. The round shaped Sapphire is surrounded by a border of diamonds and set with more diamonds on the shoulders.