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Princess Cut Diamond Twist Setting Engagement Ring

Princess cut diamonds set in twist claw settings engagement rings have been a popular seller this month. The twist setting is a modern alternative to the classic 4 claw solitaire setting where the claws holding the diamond in place flow elegantly into a twist. The princess cut diamond in this twist claw setting is GIA certificated, weighs 0.73ct, is colour graded I and a clarity grade VVS1. VVS1 means the stone is very, very slightly included with blemishes and inclusions only seen under magnification. We crafted the setting for this ring in 18ct white gold, which is an ideal choice for engagement rings. twist princess cut engagement ring princess cut diamond engagement ring twist setting princess cut diamond engagement ring 18ct white gold pribcess cut diamond engagement ring

A Bit About Princess Cut Diamonds For Engagement Rings

The beautiful brilliance, shape and cut of a princess cut diamond makes it a perfect choice for engagement rings. The shape of the diamond is traditionally square with pointed corners. The profile is similar to a pyramid with four bevelled sides and a flat surface. The length to width ratios of a the diamond determine what it looks like viewing from above. For a perfectly square shape, we recommend a length-to-width ratio between 1 and 1.05 and for a rectangular shape diamond we recommend a length-to-width ratios greater than 1.10.

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