Create Your Own Diamond Earrings at Steven Stone

We have recently been updating the earring section of our site, which now allows you to create your own diamond earrings. In just a few simple steps you are in control and can select the setting style, precious metal and diamond you want. With your budget in mind you have the option to choose the diamonds quality – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. To find out more about diamonds check our our diamond guide. Here are some styles available to buy in our create your own earring section so far.

Traditional Claw Set Diamond Stud Earrings

pear shaped diamond stud earrings

Pear shaped diamond stud earrings

Modern Rub Over Diamond Studs

rub over setting diamond stud earrings

Rub over setting diamond stud earrings

Vintage Style Halo Diamond Earring

Round halo diamond earrings

Round halo diamond earrings

Round Diamond Set in a Heart-Shaped Setting

Heart round diamond earrings

heart round diamond earrings

What’s also great is that we create most of our jewellery in-house to order. So we can literally create any style. It may be that you want to tweak a style or use different gem stones like Sapphires, Topaz, Rubies, Amethysts, or emeralds in the design of your earrings. You may even want to mix up the metals we use to make jewellery – mixing rose gold and white gold is a popular option.