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Christina Ricci Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring

Adams Family and Pan Am star Christina Ricci announced the news she was engaged this weekend and showed off her stunning engagement ring. Ricci, 32 is engaged to James Heerdegen, who was a camera technician for the hit US show Pan Am – which is also where the couple met.

christina ricci and James Heerdegen

christina ricci and James Heerdegen

We love the classic elegance of Ricci’s engagement ring, which is a traditional three stone diamond ring with a yellow gold band. Her ring looks to be set with a 3 to 4 carat centre round brilliant cut diamond and flanked by two slightly smaller round brilliant cut diamonds. Three stone or trilogy diamond engagement rings have a Romanic meaning and significance when it comes to marriage. The three diamonds represent the past, the present and the future of a lasting relationship. christina ricci engagement ring started wearing the diamond ring back in October on her wedding finger, but never confirmed t the public the news she was engaged. It was only this weekend that she casually told the world that yes she was engaged, but due to her busy schedule isn’t planning the wedding yet

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