Marriage Proposal Facts For Men

If you’ve reached this page it probably means you’re planning on asking the big question to your partner. If so read these interesting facts to make your marriage proposal perfect. marriage proposal facts 1. 58% of women think the place of your first date should be where you propose 2. 25% think a marriage proposal should be more important than a wedding 3. 76% of men think getting down on one knee is essential 4. 75% of women were disappointed with the lack of creativity and romance of their marriage proposal 5. 50% of women would prefer more money spent on a bigger diamond rather than a marriage proposal 6. The first thing a women gets asked when she tells friends and family she is engaged is “how did he do it” so don’t put yourself to shame! 7. 6 in 10 women think Valentine’s Day is the day to propose 8. 33% of engagements take place over the Christmas period 9. Interestingly 60% o men propose without a ring and ask their girlfriend to pick one with them 10. But 32% of women think proposing without a ring is a big no no.