If you want to make news of your marriage proposal, take inspiration from this romantic, history making proposal. Last weekend the London Eye had a very special celebration, as one man’s marriage proposal became the 5,000 proposal in a capsule on the famous Eye. Since we saw the famous attraction and landmark of the city open in 2000, there have been a whopping total of 5,000 marriage proposals. For each proposal it’s estimated that 1.5million glasses of champagne have been drank. There has also been 512 weddings and 22 civil partnerships from the London eye proposals. To make the 5,000th marriage proposal extra special the couple were given a private capsule on the eye with roses, Champaign and a photographer to capture the special moment, which would normally cost around £300. The London eye is defiantly the place to propose and has been part of many love stories since 2000.