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A Stunning 18ct Yellow Gold Half Eternity Ring

In today’s post, we want to share with you a recent diamond eternity ring we created for a customer in 18ct white gold. This stunning ring is set with 7 beautiful princess cut diamonds. As you will see the customer wanted a chunky ring with a wide band. To achieve this style we recommended for the diamonds on the ring to be channel set half way around the gold band.

Channel Setting

A channel setting is where the diamonds are held in place my channels of metal. The diamonds basically flow in a continuous row and are set against each other as no metal is used to separate them. For a channel setting to work and for the diamonds to fit side by side, the diamonds have to be of the same dimension. We love this style of setting, especially for wedding and eternity jewellery as no metal is obstructing the diamonds beauty and shape. The best diamonds for this setting have straight edges like princess cut diamonds, emerald cut diamond and radiant cut diamonds. princess cut diamond eternity ring princess cut diamond half eternity ring half diamond eternity  ring princess diamond eternity ring Why Buy an Eternity Ring? Eternity rings mark a special meaningful occasion, like an anniversary or the birth of a child. Eternity rings don’t just have to be set with diamonds; they can be set with other gem stones like Sapphires, Rubies or more. Some include their child’s birth stone in the design of their ring. Its meaning is designed to resemble everlasting love between a couple. The style of ring has also become popular in wedding rings for couples who want a little bit more sparkle. There are two basic designs of diamond eternity rings – full set, with stones all the way around the band or half set with stones half way around the band.

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