Engagement Ring Styles 2013

It’s all about quality, vintage, tradition, colour and custom design for engagement rings in 2013! Tradition.. solitaire diamond engagement ring With solitaire settings, it’s all about traditional stones like round brilliant and princess cut diamonds held in claw settings. We have also noticed that people want to go for quality over size, so selecting a lower carat weight with a high clarity, colour and cut grade has become more important. Vintage is Back.. halo diamond engagement ring With halo settings, the centre diamond is surrounded by a border of smaller diamonds and often set with smaller diamonds on the shoulders. The vintage appeal of a cushion cut diamond has become a popular choice. Customers have even opted to put their own personal touch on the halo style to create more of a vintage look, this is mainly thanks to the influence of shows like Downtown Abbey. Colour.. sapphire and diamond engagement ring Engagement rings set with Sapphires and Diamonds have also been a popular choice, mainly due to the duchess effect. We have also seen more customers interested in yellow diamond engagement rings also set with diamonds. Custom Design.. custom made engagement ring setting Bespoke and custom designed settings are becoming increasingly popular. We have been working closely with customers to create unique ring settings.