Perfect Jewellery for Your Wedding Day

Choosing the jewellery you wear on your wedding day is as important as choosing your wedding dress – every detail matters. The jewellery you wear forms an essential part of your wedding attire. The most popular styles for bridal jewellery are set with diamonds and pearls, as their clear, white colours match the white or ivory colour of your dress. Most brides will wear a pair of earrings, necklace and somtimes a bracelet on their wedding day that matches the dress and theme of the wedding without over doing it with too much bling. We have a stunning and elegant collection of diamond and pearl set earrings and pendant matching bridal sets that will add the perfect finishing touches on your wedding day. We have crafted these two particular sets in beautiful 18 carat white gold.

Vintage Inspired Diamond Pendant and Earrings

diamond pendant and earrings If you’re going for a vintage themed wedding – a popular choice amongst bride’s to be at the moment, this set is perfect. The centre diamonds on both the pendant and earrings are set with a surrounding halo of diamonds.

Diamond and Pearl Earrings and Pendant

pearl pendant and earrings This elegant set is inspired by the design of a flower set with stunning pearls and small round brilliant cut diamonds on the petals.