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All About Wedding Ring Profiles

Help With Choosing The Right Plain Wedding Ring Profile

When it comes to buying your wedding ring its not just about the metal, you also need to choose the shape of the band. Whether you opt for a plain, partnered, toned, diamond set or a more elaborate bespoke wedding ring, we offer five different popular profiles.

What is a Wedding Ring Profile?

The profile is the cross-section of a wedding band and has a strong emphasis on the style of ring. So if you were to cut through the band the profile is the shape you would see.

Profile Shapes

There are many different profiles on offer for wedding rings, but the decision you make comes down to personal taste. For ladies the profile will be influenced by the band shape of the engagement ring. wedding ring styles D-Shaped: Flat on the inside and rounded on the outside – comfortable fit and sits close to the finger Traditional Court shaped: Rounded on both sides – exceptional comfort with no hard edges. Flat Court: Very similar to D-Shaped but with the flat court on the outside. Flat Court Flat Edge: Court is on the inside and slightly flat – sits close to the finger Slight Court: Band is nearly flat on the inside and outside for a modern, chunky looking wedding ring shape

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